If you've read the homepage, then you know this site is about stories. I'm not looking to write the Great Canadian Novel (pretty sure there's a host of people who've beaten me to that), though I do have one or two ideas that I've had to get out of my head and onto paper (virtually, anyway).

This site used to be my blog (so says The Wayback Machine) which I wrote in for years. I found, though, that the minuate of my life were far less interesting as I got older than the ideas floating in my head that, frankly, started to crowd out the rest of the things I wanted to say. The only way was to write them down.

Since I'm such a sharing kind of guy, I felt it would be helpful to get them all down in one place. And since I feel these are now more important than the aforementioned minutae, I felt it fitting to take over the primary domain.

I hope you enjoy them!